How can academics make better use of YouTube?

YouTube is the 2nd most highly visited website in the world. With 22+ billion monthly views, its traffic is greater than Facebook and Wikipedia, and 6x that of Twitter.

Despite the popularity of “how-to” videos and channels aimed at K-12 learners, university and college educators and researchers underuse the platform.

They’re missing out!

Academics can and should make better use of this powerful tool for reaching a global public. And it can be done!

This self-paced, online course covers the essentials of launching (or revamping) an academic YouTube channel.

Learn how to…

  • Design and launch an academic YouTube channel
  • Plan, shoot, edit, and post videos
  • Optimize a channel for teaching, research, outreach, or other purposes
  • Invest in the right gear and software for your needs
  • Attract and interact with YouTube viewers
  • Publicize and promote your YouTube channel
  • Manage privacy, copyright, and intellectual property concerns
  • Maximize the potential career or institutional benefits of hosting a channel
  • Do all of this in a time- and resource-efficient way!

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