Meaningless Questions™

A Pathbreaking New Tool for Researchers & Mentors

Seasoned researchers start by asking questions. Lots of questions. “Meaningless Questions” train your mind to do just that. They…

  • accelerate your research process
  • unlock 100s of potentially revelatory questions about your primary sources
  • increase your intellectual “range of motion” and overcome “researcher’s block”
  • bring dynamism into classrooms and teams

Give MQ Cards a Try

Flip a card & explore a new ‘Dimension of Inquiry’.

How to Become an “n-Dimensional Thinker”

STEP 1: Start by finding a source and asking any question that comes to your mind. Don’t try to sound smart. Be raw, naive, and inarticulate. See how many questions you can ask.

STEP 2: Once you run out of questions, pick a Meaningless Question card from the deck, and try to ask just 1 more question (or maybe 3, 5 or even 10!). Each card provides one of 25 “Dimensions of Inquiry” to explore, helping you ask innovative questions about your source. With the help of these cards, watch as 10 questions turn into 50, 100, even 500.

Get an Early-Bird Discount on the Full Deck

  • 25 “Dimension of Inquiry” Flashcards*
  • 5 “Quick Start” Cards
  • 5 “Create Your Own Dimension” Cards
  • Access to Virtual MQ Cards
  • Access to Tutorial Videos showing how to use different Dimensions of Inquiry
  • Access to Examples showing different Dimensions of Inquiry in action
  • Access to Live Online “Primary Source Jams” with Tom and Chris
  • Early-Bird Notification re: Future “Expansion Decks” encompassing 75+ More “Dimensions of Inquiry”

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