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Time to Get Meaningless!

Try to ask at least 5 Meaningless Questions about the Mona Lisa using the Dimension of Inquiry above.

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Here are some questions you might have asked using this Dimension of Inquiry.

  1. Besides the Louvre, in what settings have the Mona Lisa been displayed?
  2. When the painting was first finished, where was it viewed or displayed?
  3. Did Leonardo use a painting studio? If yes, what did it look like? If not, what did the room look like where he painted the Mona Lisa?
  4. For those who cannot visit the Louvre, where do individuals encounter photos or digital versions of the artwork?
  5. How do prior exposures to digital versions of the Mona Lisa shape the way one experiences it when viewing it “in person” for the first time?

So Many MQs to Ask!