Level Up Your MQ

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Meaningless Questions using this particular Dimension of Inquiry.

Time to Get Meaningless!

Try to ask at least 5 Meaningless Questions about the Mona Lisa using the Dimension of Inquiry above.

Write down your questions (or just say them aloud). Then scroll down for more ideas!

Here are some questions you might have asked using this Dimension of Inquiry.

1. How was the Mona Lisa originally intended to be displayed and viewed? At eye level? Higher or lower?

2. Did the painter insist on (or plan for) certain kinds of lighting in whatever venue put his painting on display?

3. Was she right-handed or left-handed?

4. How does the scale of the Mona Lisa relate to the average body size of viewers in the painter’s day and age, as compared to today?

5. What kinds of facial expressions do people make when they view the Mona Lisa in the Louvre?

So Many MQs to Ask!