Trainings and Workshops

Professional development is fundamentally personal. Our goal in every Where Research Begins training and workshop is to equip participants with practical techniques that can be immediately be applied to making the best research and career decisions possible.

We work with students, scholars, educators, and professionals of all career levels and in all fields and disciplines. Learn more below, or write to us directly about your situation and goals:

Faculty and Instructor Workshops

How can we teach research better? How can we help students develop original research projects that work for them? How can we motivate them to finish those projects—and finish well? And how can we inculcate a research disposition of curiosity, honesty, and rigor that will serve them in the long term?Workshops for instructors center on practical exercises that you can use to help students make their own learning breakthroughs. Our teacher trainings will equip you with an expanded repertoire of research pedagogy techniques you can immediately implement, in office hours as well as in the classroom.

Graduate Student Trainings

Workshops, seminars, and class visits for graduate students aim to help each individual student make decisions about their own research agenda and career trajectory with greater efficiency and confidence. Students come away from trainings better equipped to:

  • Choose a research project that fits their interests, passions, and circumstances
  • Make research progress when faced with uncertainties, challenges, or a need to pivot
  • Have more productive consultations with advisors and mentors
  • Assist classmates and fellow researchers
  • Present their research in professional and public settings
  • Complete their project and prepare for the next career stage

(Very) Early Career Researchers

Undergraduates and high school students can become lifelong researchers. Why wait? When working with starting researchers, we emphasize individual curiosity, self-empowerment, and practical skills for contributing to a research community—beginning with classmates and peers. We help your students discover the joys of self-directed inquiry and extending one’s learning beyond the set curriculum.

Career Consultations

We advise professionals in higher education and related fields who are planning for their next career stage or contemplating a career transition.Contact us at for a free initial 30-minute individual consultation.

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